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Project Description
Daily check in tool of LifeVC.
LifeVC(丽芙家居) 每日签到器

This project contains core DLL for login and check in, WCF service for managing users for check in operation and WPF application for single user daily check in.
本项目同时提供核心DLL供登陆和签到,基于WCF 服务供多用户每日签到的服务,以及基于WPF供单用户每日签到的应用程序。

Single User version download:
Multiple User Service version download:

Production Log:
  • 2014/2/25
    • Update service host logic to fix auto initialize issue in 1.0.1
    • Version to 1.0.3
  • 2014/1/26
    • Update URLs caused by LifeVC site changes.
    • Version to 1.0.1

Special Notes:
The application tool(s)/service(s) are for study use only. Users need to take all responsibilities for any consequence by using this for any other purposes.

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